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Ines Musumeci Greco

A contemporary art collector, a patron, but above all a visionary. A woman who, in twenty years, has been able to transform her home into the most important Italian artist’s salon. With the kind of passion and determination that only those who have a mission in life are able to channel, Ines defines her project and her involvement as a gradual, continuous development: “I always looked for beauty with strength, and I dedicated my life to supporting the work of artists, because it is when their works come to life that the vitality that makes life powerful takes shape.” In her home gallery, inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Bennicelli by Borromini, you can admire the works of artists such as Marina Abramovic, Mario Schifano, Alighiero Boetti, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Chen Zhen, and others.

A contemporary home gallery in Palazzo Bennicelli