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Unique Value Proposition

In our homes our guests will experience the feeling of being both owner and citizen of their destination. Resident and traveler at the same time, for a short moment they will be part of an otherwise inaccessible community. Our aim is to have every client experience the unique hospitality that The Grand House offers.


Why are we different? because we go a step further in offering a luxury experience. We call it unconventional luxury, bringing five star service and comfort to the best homes in town.
Our promise in a nutshell:
Experience five star service and comfort in luxury private spaces in the heart of the city and tailor your stay by exploring our vast selection of high end services and emotional tours.


We bring hotel services to your home and make sure you will always come back to a sparkle clean home.

  • We welcome all of our guests directly at the grand home 
  • We clean and change the linen daily – and it’s all included
  • Have a question or a need? Ask Alfred, our majordomo service available round the clock – whatever you want, whenever you want it
  • We care about the environment- we are happy to say that we care about our environment and that’s why our staff will go around the city with electrical scooters and will use only eco-friendly cleaning products
  • To make your way around Rome more pleasant, we will provide you with a smartphone with unlimited calls, messages and internet towards US, Canada and all of Europe


Traveling may mean leaving your comfort zone, but our travelers choose to feel at home even on the other side of the world so don’t renounce on space but pick from our selection of the best in homes in town, carefully selected by our Real Estate experts.


We care about making you feel at home, away from home. This is why we work daily to make you experience great Italian hospitality.
We like to be in your shoes and discover those places or services first hand, before suggesting them to you. Sit back , relax and enjoy your stay, we will take care of everything else.

  • We will customize your stay – offering a vast and unique selection of services and emotional tours
  • Round the clock staff available for any need or request you may have
  • We speak your language and care about your stay, so don’t be shy and ask us anything you need


Our unique service that will assist you with any desire, available day and night. We were inspired by Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s private butler who attended the most prestigious academies for becoming a majordomo and later became an expert in classical literature, theatre, gardening and cooking. We care about making your stay unforgettable, so don’t hesitate to Ask Alfred.

Ask …


This is our promise. The promise of the thrill you will experience when we welcome you. While you discover Rome, its majestic scenography and its hidden corners. Our promise is to surprise you, amaze you and move you. TGH Magazine is your statement at our plot twist, a small fever brought by strong feeling. It is the wealth of your memory remembering all the moments and details that transformed your stay into a journey.

  • Discover places that are out of any touristic itinerary
  • Especially designed journeys by a maitre a penser
  • Non conventional experiences to have an emotional point of view while visiting the city

TGH Magazine