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Koylos. The "womb". And the Mount Celio is the womb. In the intimacy of the Eternal City, in the most secret of the hills. Underground, Nero's "golden house". Above, the Baths of Trajan. Over all, the shadow of the golden Colossus. And the Amphitheater built by the Flavians. Tremendous, huge. The idea of the power of Rome and its "existence" for the people. We leave the window overlooking the Colosseum. We go down, we point with the eye the obelisk of Ozymandias, that from Ramses II was remedied by Sixtus V to the Savior. In the apse of the church of Quattro Coronati, we enter the Gothic Hall, the only complete pictorial cycle of this art in Rome. We climb to Villa Celimontana, entering the Casino of the Villa Mattei di Giove, where Filippo Neri created the tradition of the pilgrimage in Rome. From here, towards the Antiquarium Comunale with the remains of the monuments found during the great demolitions of Fascism, we descend into the valley of the Colosseum, enter the arena, and then look at the Seven Halls of the Baths of Trajan. But then, it's back in the womb. A small door, narrow on the street. A spiral staircase. And we are among the decorations in shells and limestone of the Nymphaeum of the Annibaldi.

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Chiesa Santi Quattro
Casino Villa Mattei di Giove (Villa Celimontana )
Antiquarium Comunale
Arena del Colosseo
7 sale Terme di Traiano
Ninfeo Annibaldi


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