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Our story

“The Grand House was born in the eyes of my son. He was watching the sun rise between the clouds during a flight to New York with me and my brother Maurizio, ten thousand miles from the ground. In his enchanted look I found my childhood again. The smell of bedlinen, of waxed floors, of morning croissants in the Grand Hotels. And soft steps on carpet, that elegant image of good old bourgeois home. Because this is how we grew up, playing in the rooms of our family home and of our father’s hotels. He was the president of the Ciga Compagnia Italiana dei Grandi Alberghi, the first luxury hotel chain in the world. I chose to integrate these two experiences to design a new way of traveling. It took only one look with Maurizio“ (Massimo Micangeli).

TGH begins in 2019 in Rome after 2 years of work as an innovative hospitality experience: historic homes become luxurious suites in the hotel that is the city itself. TGH travelers are not tourists, clients or a target. They are members of a club, nodes of a network, who identify with the real meaning of travel: knowledge, dialogue, emotion, memory. Our long family tradition has welcomed kings, princes, nobles, heads of State, adventurers and artists such as Ernest Hemingway, Guglielmo Marconi, the King of Egypt, the Queen of Romania, the mysterious Mata Hari, the Duke of Windsor, Vittorio Emanuele III, Benito Mussolini, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Richard Wagner, Marcel Proust, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Thomas Mann to the greatest hotels in Italy. With this expertise, The Grand House offers travelers the unique opportunity to come into contact with the Italian elite. With protagonists of culture, art and literature. With world renowned Italian wine experts, chefs and designers . “In our homes our guests will experience the feeling of being both ruler and citizen of their destination. Resident and traveler at the same time, for a short moment they will be part of an otherwise inaccessible community”.

“My grand house, the one I never had yet is as if I have, with an infinite number of rooms, closets, ironing rooms, kitchens, cellars, attics, where one can roam as during childhood, with a particular happiness that is not only the wellbeing of luxury, but before all surprise” (Goffredo Parise).