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Engraved in stone, the lion still bites the gazelle. Deep wells where sacred waters gave birth to the Chosen People. The Emperor’s deep maroon that envelops the bricks. Wells that have long since collapsed, shrouded in darkness, places where you find yourself in front of endless arcades that used to belong to Rome during the days of the Empire. Perpetually closed doors, in monastic sacredness. The myth of the empire that decorates the new principles of the Renaissance with its marbles. The Grand Palace, which lives between the upside-down Rome of the Botteghe Oscure and the marbles of the nobles of the Ghetto, whose palace looks like blocks of marble, resting on the sand.

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Portico of Octavia
Temples of San Nicola in Carcere
Monastery of Santa Francesca Romana
Cripta Balbi
Palazzo Mattei di Giove


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