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Gaia Grossi

Zodiac sign Gemini, favorite wine Riesling Trimbach (from which her dog’s name, Ella Trimbach). Lives in Rome.

She is well known for her collection of marble and iron lamps, which she designs and assembles, and has collaborated with artists of the caliber of Nunzio Di Stefano and Peter Herskine. Passionate about environmental sustainability and solar energy systems, she was the architect behind the first Italian Analytical Reorganization Plan of Territorial Electromagnetic Emissions, which safeguarded the health of citizens. Her work led her to collaborate to develop the first Italian Building Regulations based on principles of green building. After winning the International Ideas Competition for a new cross-functional bridge in Rome she joined The Grand House project (she designed our offices, the futuristic glass and steel Intecs Headquarters) to design the Grand Club – TGH’s international center for hospitality – and to select and improve the historic and luxury homes that represent the brand’s innovative model of hospitality and Pink Shot. An irreverent lateral thinker, she opened her home by creating the secret restaurant, Culinary Loft Rome – Hidden Eatery, and created the evocative art event When We Dream We Are All Creators. She is a former basketball athlete and referee, and in her spare time practices diving and Ski Touring.